Raspberry Pi prototype board

WiringPi and BCM GPIO

In the past years, I used a WiringPi prototype board for lessons in IoT. Using Java and Pi4J library this was an obvious choice to use the WiringPi library and pin numbering. This year students choose sometimes Python to interact with Hardware, so the pin-numbering-problem occurred once again. I now made also a BCM GPIO prototype board. You have to guess why it is red…

Both Wiring Pi and BCM GPIO prototype board

First WiringPi Prototype board (2018)

For educational purposed I designed a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) in 2018.
This is the third version. The first version had some bugs :-), the second some other labels.

It is used for IoT classes for programming Java (Object Oriented Programming). Because of the use of Pi4J and therefore the use of WiringPi.

Here it is in action, with a DS1820 sensor connected to the 1-Wire interface (WiringPi IO pin 07):

The design and schema of the PCB is available at easyeda.com

I ordered 100 pcs @ easyeda/JLCPCB and they were produced and delivered in 8 days in the Netherlands. Great work!

Here are some pictures of the board and usage:

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