LoRa and Co2 sensor

A project I’ve done to learn more about LoRaWAN and Co2 measurements. I found the work

Functional demands:

  • Measuring Co2 everywhere
  • Logging data
  • Graph visible in mobile App
  • Graph visible on website
First step: LoRaBee module and KPN network connection

With a KPN developers account on their LoRa network I managed to send data from a LoraBee module. The KPN LoRa network was the only one I had access to at that time. The Things Network unfortunately had no antenna near my home.

Conclusion hours of work estimated:

15% hardware design (3D) and electronics design and manufacturing
15% Configuring  (servers, blynk app)
70% programming

The nicest part is hardware / electronics and configuring, this gives you quick results. But you need a lot of programming to get it working properly.

Pictures of the end-product




More technical information

The network overview:

Network overview of the Co2 LoRa sensor
Lorabee module with Teensy 3.1

There was quite a bit of programming work throughout the project: C ++ for the Teensy and Blynk Gateway and Java for the APIs and logging. And a little bit of javascript.

In the end these two overviews were made:

Website view of Co2 level
Blynk app with Co2 level

As well as some drawing work for the 3D printed housing:

3D drawing of housing in Fusion 360

Main modules used/Cost in the Netherlands

  • LoraBee – sodaq.com (€ 40.-)
  • Teensy 3.1 – floris.cc (€ 25.-)
  • Oled display 128×64 I2C – aliexpress.com (€ 2.30)
  • Co2 Sensor MHZ 19B – aliexpress.com (€ 22.80)

Total € 90,10


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