Orange Pi Zero with LCD display

After making the casing of the Orange Pi Zero, I found a possibility to simply add a LCD display and control it with some Java code.

The reasons that I used this Single Board Computer are:
– much cheaper than the Raspberry Pi 3B or 3B+.
– I can code Java on it with the Pi4J library and WiringOP library (WiringPi subset)
– I can code C on it with the WiringOP library
– small form factor: only 53 x 51 x 31 mm (Raspberry Pi: 87 x 58 x 25 mm)
– lower power consumption: 150mA (Raspberry Pi 3B: 270mA, Raspberry Pi 3B+: 490mA)
– Running initial more secure Armbian Linux (ask for username instead of mandatory pi user)
– Most projects do not use the capacity a Raspberry Pi 3B offers.
– Serial connection with shell through Micro USB connector for initial configuration.

Total cost of this project
Orange Pi Zero LTS: € 13,- ( – with shipping cost – 2 peaces)
Nokia LCD display: € 2,53 ( – with shipping cost – 4 peaces)
SD card: € 6,95 (Scandisk 16GB UHS-I – – the Netherlands)
Some cost for PLA (plastic) and headers/wire/connectors: € 1,-
(Power supply is not calculated)

Total cost: € 23,48
(only Raspberry Pi 3B is about € 37,95)

Here a some pictures and construction video, later on I will publish some code and more information.

Link to the design files:

Frontview wit NOKIA 5110 display
The opened casing
And sideview without cooling ribs, but new curve for better fitting
Running Ambian Linux display system info

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