My first 3D print

In the holidays I wanted to make a Pan-Tilt camera on a Raspberry Pi. I had already the Pan-Tilt mechanical parts, but a small problem to attach the Raspberry Pi camera to it.

I started to draw a block with 4 pins to connect the camera to the Pan-Tilt mechanical parts.

Camera connected to the 3D printed block
The result of the camera and Pan-Tilt parts

This was printed at theĀ FabLab in the ICER on the DRU location in Ulft (The Netherlands – Gelderland-Achterhoek). FabLab is a public place where you can make your own things (Makershed). Printed in about one hour.

After that moment I was very excited about the quality of the printed object. And it was of course very usable.

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