Debounce Circuit

Designed hardware debounce PCB instead of solving debouncing in software.

As hardware engineer I like to solve debounce problems in hardware, rather than solve it in software. Of course this is more expensive, but on the other hand it is more reliable, and your code keeps clean on just doing what it should do. So I made a very little circuit and PCB for the MAX6816 debounce IC.

PCB Design

The VCC and GND are doubled, so you can daisy chain the PCBs or you can stack these PCBs. This depends on your project.


The Size of the PCB is 10.5 x 15.3 mm.
Total cost: (MAX6816: €0.77, PCB: € 0,82 JLCPBC, Capacitor: p.m.) € 1,59

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