Anemometer project

As sailing is hobby of me, I wanted to get an idea of windspeed. So I bought an anemometer. As it arrived it seems to have a CANBUS interface. That was new to me, but at the end I managed to connect it to a ESP32 development board.

Hardware list

  • Anemometer 3001-FS-RS (CANBUS or RS485)
  • MH-ET LIVE Devkit ESP32
  • Elecrow UART TTL to RS485 Two-way Converter
  • 12V to 5V step-down power converter


Connected hardware during programming

Electrical Schema

Position of the anemometer

Position of the anemometer, with a heavy ground plate


The software on the ESP32 (Arduino code) sends every 10 minutes the average windspeed to a local service (API). I still have to make a dashboard to show the results.

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