MiniPill LoRa v2.0

After getting my HAM Radio license in March this year, I wanted to improve the sending capability of my MiniPill LoRa v1.x. So I designed a new PC with other to dimensions (18x x 45 mm) so it would fit into some projects.

I used a IPEX4 connector, a little by mistake, I wanted a IPEX1 connector, but did not choose the right component in my drawing program. After all this was no problem at all. Hot Air soldering does the trick and I have a good and very small connector on my board.

I will show you the results.

New designed PCB

I’ve done a first test with a 2.5 dB antenna on the SMI connector and at long distance it was indeed a difference of 2 dB in comparison with the line antenna. I will have to do some more tests.

This is just a 2.0 version, maybe I will remove the BME280 connector. And for sure I will add markers to the connectors.

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