ESP8266-01 programming

The first reports of an ESP8266-01 module in my electronics journal are from 11-7-2015. My first goal was to be able to program this module so that the processor of the ESP chip is used instead of using a Arduino Uno and an ESP8266 as internet connection.

As network specialist I was very interested to get mij electronic project Internet enabled.

To be able to program you have to upload the code to the flash. To do this, the ESP module has to be brought into the specific mode. You have do this by connecting the GPIO0 pin to the GND.

Still, I had a lot of problems with programming. Eventually I found out that many problems arise because the supply voltage is not properly stabilized. This is standard delivered by the RS232-TTL modules via USB.

Solution: Place a capacitor over the power lines. By experimenting I came to a value of about 330uF (microFarad): Note the + and – connections.

I use two devices to program the ESP8266:

  • The standard FT232RL module.
  • And the lesser known CH340G (lower)

PAY ATTENTION! both have a jumper or switch to set the power supply (VCC) to 3.3V. This is also necessary to program the ESP8266. Default speed of the ESP8266 modules is 115200 baud.

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